Project A3: New image registration and reconstruction tools for molecular characterisation of lipid uptake mechanisms in Mycoplasma

Achilleas Frangakis

This work aims to exhaustively explore the advantages of direct detectors for electron tomography and, in parallel, to compensate for the imperfection of the imaging system, thus improving the resolution of the cryo-electron tomograms.

Improve image quality by fully exploring the properties of the

Dose-fractionation movies (motion correct)

Local shifts (alignment)

Local CTF correction

Reconstruction Techniques

Weighted-Backprojection, ART, SIRT and SART provide different solutions!

WBP reconstructs a flat power-spectrum

SART minimizes the difference between the micrograph p and the projected reconstruction f

Algebraic Reconstruction Methods allow for Local Nyquist-Limited Precise Alignment

Resolution Improvement in Cryo-ET by Advanced Local Alignment

Use of the SART to maximize the similarity between the projection of the reconstruction and the recorded data:

Goal: Provide completely undistorted reconstructions